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In marketing, you will be looking at how business works around the world. You will be taught Business Administration, you will learn the functions of leading, controlling, organizing, and planning. The course will help the students prepare for the business world by learning about marketing and finance. In finance you will learn about planning, raising funds, and making wise investments. In marketing you will learn how to price your items and how to promote. You will explore the key aspects of social responsibilities, how to be a team leader and a follower. You will also be doing  a lot of team projects and learning how to work as a group. If you want to continue marketing as a career, you can earn a double degree in any major involving business, public relations or advertising. To do this, it will require the student to take similar or the same courses, often you can apply the credits you’ve earned for one of these majors to the other and end up earning two degrees at the same time. If you want to learn more about Business majors in college and more information, the links will be below.

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